Wix Vs Weebly: ecommerce solutions reviews


Now days, when speaking about ecommerce solutions it is common to compare and we will make a Wix Vs Weebly: ecommerce solutions reviews, which can help users to have a wider outlook on both ecommerce services. In that way, those interested in using one of these services can make an appropriate decision with some information beforehand.

Both website builders are very competitive and used around the world. Both are available for everybody and anyone who wants to use them can try them out. The popularity of both sites is remarkable, yet the popularity of a site that does not manage a specialized work, can be difficult to measure because both are reachable for everybody and one over the other is a matter of taste.

A review on Wix


The popularity of this site has increased recently and today it counts up to 87 million users. This is something that says a lot about the website, since most of the time many of the sites, tell how many subscribers they have without considering that many of those users subscribe a webpage and never visit it again.  

In the case of Wix, the quantity of users grows up fast. Other aspect to consider regarding the popularity of this site is the amount of users updating their accounts to the premium plans that this website offers. This is very important for any webpage since what it means is that users are actually reviewing the site with their money.

Although for many the popularity of a webpage is important, it does not represent a determinant aspect for choosing a website over other. Regarding Wix, something that can be more appealing for a user is the fact that this webpage has beautiful and stunning web designs. They are there for you to just pick one and upload your own pictures and information.

This is an advantage for those who lack creativity, since the whole work is already done and you will not have to worry about designing every aspect of the site. The disadvantage of this template system is that for Wix, once you have picked your template, you cannot change it. That means that you need to be 200% sure about the template you are choosing.

If by any chance once you get tired of your current design you want to change it, if you are using Wix, you will need to start all over again building a new site. Beside from being stuck with the templates design, you neither have access to the codes of the site, which means you are not able to change any single aspect of the site, not you have access to the HTML/CSS editor at all.

As a part of this Wix Vs Weebly: ecommerce solutions reviews we must say that building a webpage can be very interesting and fun specially for those who just want to make some publicity by their own.

Regarding Weebly


Both website builders in this review give you the basic elements for creating a webpage, yet the way in which you are able to manipulate those elements is different depending on the site you are using to build your page. In relation to Wix, the Weebly features can be less advanced and you will not have many options although you are able to alter the design of the website.

An advantage you might find interesting by using Webbly is that although simple, you can manage your site as you want since you do have access to the CSS editor and in the case you do not know how to deal with codes, you can always hire someone else to do that dirty work for you. The difference for both sites can maybe give more advantage to Wix than to Weebly, so:

Wix Vs Weebly: ecommerce solutions reviews regarding user Support

The user Support is one important aspect when reviewing web developers. Knowing how this part works, does not only serve for using it when need it but also to understand the way in which each developer care about their customers.

For Wix, the user Support is easy and friendly. For each element you use to build your site, you will find a question mark in which you will find related information. This is very friendly and easier to use, since they offer so many elements for their site, that maybe they want to make support easier for the users. In this way, you will not waste time going to a FAQ section.

On the other side, Webbly does not offer this feature, in which case you will have to go to their support center and look for the topic you need help with. Nevertheless, Webbly does have a phone assistance for customers while Wix does not. So regarding the Wix Vs Webbly: ecommerce solutions reviews, Wix might win the competition but Webbly does not lose by far. Learn about Ecommerce Tips to grow your Business Online

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