Why Small Businesses Need E-Commerce?


If you are started a new project, surely you have made this question Why Small Businesses Need E-Commerce? For that reason, in this post we will tell you why you need to explore the world of E-Commerce now more than ever.

With the strong growth of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, small businesses are experiencing a transition to electronic commerce via Internet, which is why small businesses need Ecommerce. In fact, since 2008, the ecommerce solutions for small business have been growing at a rate of at least twice as fast as the total retail sales.

In fact retail stores are facing new challenges. Using ecommerce platforms, consumers can now see the products in the store and then buy online, often at much cheaper prices and also with greater comfort. For e-commerce this is a great opportunity, but the number of online stores has increased, so the online market is still much more competitive.

But, Why Small Businesses Need E-Commerce?

For small businesses Ecommerce is essential, however if you want to achieve success and be relevant in the segment, the key is to stay ahead and implement strategies focused on boosting sales as well as customer satisfaction.

The reason why ecommerce system is so important for small businesses has to do with the new technological trend as consumers can buy from wherever they are and at any time, thanks to mobile technology Smartphones and Tablets, not to mention desktop computers.

Not only that, the future of ecommerce system will be on personalization of the content as also the key to position and stay ahead of competition. Companies could then begin to filter and recommend based on what customers have previously purchased such products.


Defining E-commerce

“E-commerce is defined by studies of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as the process of purchase, sale or exchange of goods, services and information through communication networks.

It represents a variety of possibilities to acquire goods or services offered by providers in different parts of the world. Purchases of goods and services online may be attractive because of the ease to perform; however, it is important that online consumers take precautions to avoid becoming victims of fraudulent business practices “(PROFECO).

Today, E-commerce has generated confusion in relation whit its goal, and the existence of an infinite number of definitions, in a broad sense, e-commerce is any exchange of data electronically. Ecommerce solutions are the tool that you need for you projects.

One of the concepts that we should not go unnoticed is the Business-to-business (B2B), this means that is the concept where all activities of trade are included in the network, as well as buying and selling goods and services.

What do you need to start a small business e-commerce?

Expand into e-commerce can improve the profitability of a company and increase the target markets of business.

Some steps to start your small business e-commerce

Securing a domain name and hosting: If you do not have a domain name, this is the first step. There are a variety of online domain registrations. The most important part of the process is to find an available domain name. If it is possible assures a name that includes keywords for your business.

Designing ecommerce store: The next step is to design the e-commerce store. There are many options to you choose the best ecommerce software which offers models that help you design your store, but require some experience with HTML.

Establishing policies: your ecommerce store policies should cover all shipping costs, returns, exchanges and customer inquiries. You can implement a FAQ section based on the questions that often you get through your free online or email customer service. At the end, you can save time and money when questions are answered to your site or your customer service team.

Assigning staff to have online presence: Manage your online presence is an important task that should be dedicated, as you would do in a real store. In addition to process orders, the website must be continually updated with new product offerings and inventory levels of existing products.

The customer service should be handled quickly and must keep up with customers about the status of their orders. These personnel could also handle the marketing of your e-commerce site.

eCommerce website

Promoting e-commerce site: Build an e-commerce site unknown; it does not serve to increase the presence of your company. You must promote your site and promote it both online and by other social media. It includes your web site in all printed material and asks customers to enter your store to register in a special email list that refer directly to the website.

In conclusion, Expand your online presence with your own accounts on popular social networks, this will allow you to update your followers about new products and news from your store. Now, are you clearer Why Small Businesses Need E-Commerce? We hope to have answered this question.

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