Magento Vs Big Commerce: Magento: ecommerce solutions Comparison


Inside the ecommerce world there are tools helping to make thigs easier, herby we present you the Magento Vs Big Commerce: ecommerce solutions Comparison. In this way, you will have the necessary information for picking the most-adequate platform for you and your business by comparing both sites.

Magento Community

Magento is a free community with which you will not need to pay any fee for getting started. Get to their webpage and just download the software; they have several software in there and you just need to pick the one that better fits your needs. However, you need to find your own hosting and domain name; there are few free hosting servers out there.

Regarding the design, you could find some themes you could use for your own site. Some of the users of this platform use to upload their own designs and you could be able to use them. There are also some others, which you could buy if you want to. One of the main reasons this platform is so popular, is because of its frontend.

Although you might require some development experience, you are able to organize your site as you want to. With Magento, you can make a friendly site for your business, and easily include the customer service and link it to the different payment services such PayPal. Also, you could even sell virtual products through the store and add free shipping options.

Using social networks with Magento is really easy. Although it does not have anything inside per se, yet you can use apps and following buttons that can link to your own social networks webpages. You even have a newsletter service for your customers to subscribe and use. Another fun fact about Magento is that the customer service (for you) is part of the community, so you will get a lot of extra help from the users and providers of the service.

What about Big Commerce?

Unlike Magento Community, Big Commerce is a paid service. They offer three different fees depending on what your business needs. With these plans, you receive a 24/7 support. Also, Big Commerce does offer a hosting service and a domain service. So, you can have that problem solve beforehand and will not need to get and additional service for this.

For the design, with Big Commerce you get up to 16 free designs and other ones to pay. And for working with them, you do not really need much development knowledge. It gives you access to HTML and CSS files.

Big Commerce is easy for beginners and it has a lot of options to manage the frontends, as payment processors, product filtering, product searching and wishlists. Also, adding products is easy and the dashboard is friendly as the one that WordPress has. It is a great tool for big enterprises and large companies.

One of the greatest advantages with this platform is the social media feature, it gives you access to a program that allows you to sell products through Facebook. Now, the newsletter service is not integrated, yet you can use and link different services for taking advantage of the newsletter service. A great thing is that you can get support and support other channels, as Amazon or eBay.

With Big Commerce you can have the statistics on your sales, get orders reports and have details of what your customers are doing in your webpage. In this Magento Vs Big Commerce: ecommerce solutions Comparison it might look that Magento has more advantages than the ones Big Commerce has. Yet, you could take a look to both of them since Big Commerce has a free trial period.   

Magento Vs Big Commerce: ecommerce solutions Comparison Sum Up


So, both services seem to have a lot of advantages and at the same time Big Commerce seems to have a great disadvantage which is pricing. If you are starting a business and you still do not have enough budget to pay for this kind of tools, you might look to Magento with bigger eyes. Yet again, the advantage of paying is getting a guarantee service.

The part when Magento offers a free service is regarding using the software, regarding templates and designs you will find better pricing at Magento, but it seems that at this point, both platforms have equal services. So, your decision on either of them will depend on other features which you will need to check by yourself and see your business needs.

Something that was not mentioned before and that both of them lack of is that when used from a desktop, neither of them have a mobile preview template. Since now days, the mobile use is so important for online shopping, this can be a disadvantage since you will not be able to see the way your customers perceive your page.  

On this Magento Vs Big Commerce: ecommerce solutions Comparison we gave you a fast outlook on both platforms, for more information, get to the sites webpages.

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