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E-commerce system has experienced tremendous growth in recent times. Therefore, in this post you will know Free Online Tools for your eCommerce website. Millions of users worldwide buy various products through this online channel .The building successful e-commerce business requires the creation and maintenance of shopping websites. Your shopping cart manages the presentation of its products, sales cycle and customer relationship.

So the success of your E-Commerce depends on the Shopping Cart, which in turn depends on the e-commerce software on which it runs. Thus, the important fact in the success of your E-Commerce model is the selection of a suitable type of e-commerce platform that can efficiently manage all tasks related to online shopping websites.

Are these tools free Software?

All software showcased in this collection are available for free so it can also be used by holders of E-Commerce channel. We have provided a brief description of each one on this section. This post can be very helpful to you in building and growing your online business.

Magento Comunity: it is free open source software of E-Commerce Magento. It is one of the best ecommerce platforms and provides flexibility and scalability to your shopping cart online. You can control almost every aspect of your online store, from product presentation, content, marketing, analysis, reporting to promotions and many others.

Community Magento eCommerce establishes and helps traders to increase their performance from the online business model.

Some features: Multiple Stores, The rules on flexible rates, Submission Rules, payment settings and Gateways, Product Configurations, Promotion Facilities, SEO, Customer Account Management, Navigation layers, Mobile Commerce, Handles Up-Sell, Cross Sales and Related Products, Multiple languages, International Support, Access Level Code, Extensions and Themes and Web Services API.

PrestaShop: it is one of the most dynamic e-Commerce software. PrestaShop shopping cart provides free, secure and open platform. It has more than 275 fantastic features, modules and over 2,000 templates. It is currently used in over 150 countries and is available in 41 languages of the world.

PrestaShop has a full set of features that help business promoters to increase online sales through your shopping cart. All these features are integrated into the software and are offered free. In its powerful administrative interface can manage and control all complex background service activities related to your shopping cart is very easy and effective. You can handle all products easily with PrestaShop.

Some features: Catalog Management, Sample Products, Client Log-In, Shipping, Sample Products, Location and Taxes, SEO, Payments, Marketing, Order, Reporting, Security, Translations.

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Top 5 Free Online Tools for your eCommerce website

It is quite common that if you are a new entrepreneur you do not own so much time and budget, you need all the help you can get. Fortunately there are many free online tools designed to simplify everyday tasks. Using these resources will allow you to improve your workflow, meet more targets and spend less.

Then we will show you some of our favorite free tools to probably every owner of a new business will appreciate.

Buffer: Social networks are important. But for a new business owners who have no time or resources, send tweets is not a priority. With Buffer, you can schedule your posts and interact with your audience from different accounts; also, you can get statistical results can be analyzed to see how they are performing their networks and social campaigns.

Zoho: Although Rolodex era has passed, the need to have a complete database of customers and you can understand still remains. In 2015, most businesses are implementing strategies CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or relationship marketing to accomplish this.

Zoho is one of many online CRM tools, which has an added benefit because it is free for up to ten users.

Pixlr Editor: professional design software can cost thousands of dollars, but for many entrepreneurs, free online tools can offer useful features. In Pixlr Editor you can find resources to edit, crop and design images and digital photos. Lightweight and on the web, it is an easy, accessible and free way to create great images.

Mint: Small business owners need to know and have in order their budgets and financial data, so it is important to have these updated data. After giving permission to Mint, you can see your financial data through your online bank account, you will begin to learn your spending habits, categorizing and managing your budget.

Being fully automated, it is one of the easiest ways to keep track of expenses and keep your finances controlled.

Evernote: This is the last app of the top 5 of Free Online Tools for your eCommerce website. For daily reminders and shopping lists, we recommend using physical notes. But when it comes to your business, there are software created especially for this and in the cloud is a necessity.

The service allows users to keep track of notes, links, lists and photos and acts as software for sharing information and ideas through different devices. If you’ve strived to be an organized person, Evernote can help. Ecommerce magento

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